2010 Open Water Season in Review

by Evan Morrison. 22 October 2010.

Despite my best efforts, the 2010 open-water season is now over! Like USMS open-water national championship series - North Carolina, California, Colorado, Virginia, and Indiana - and finish off the season at Big Shoulders in Chicago.

As the year wore on, I found excuses - one by one - to add more events. For the Nike Swim Miami, it was an excuse to visit an old college roommate. For the Cascade Lakes Festival, I got to meet up with my parents and visit my grandmother. For Madison, the drive from Chicago was too short to pass up. Ditto for Diamond Lake. For Little Red Lighthouse, it was a chance to try an NYC Swim race before applying to MIMS. For Swim the Suck, it was a chance to try a true marathon swim and extend my season into October.

And now here we are, 17 races (in 12 states) and 57.4 racing miles (92.4K) later. True to the blog’s title, all races took place in freshwater lakes, with three exceptions:

How to even begin to sum up this experience? With a list, of course!

Best Event Organization

All the races I attended this summer were actually pretty well organized. Some stood above the rest. The finalists:

Tough call, but the winner is… NASTI.

Most Interesting Course

Point-to-points will always have an advantage in this category over looped courses. The finalists:

The winner: Toss-up, but we’ll go with Little Red Lighthouse. Famous landmarks that double as navigation aids and progress markers!

Most Challenging Conditions

****Big Shoulders. 63 degrees and stormy as hell!

Most Competitive Field

****Nike Swim Miami by a long shot - 5 current USA Open-Water National Team members, a Brazilian open-water Olympian, the defending Junior Pan Pacs Open Water champion, plus some crazy-fast Masters swimmers.

Among Masters events: probably the Noblesville 10K.

Best Hospitality

Central Oregon Masters (Cascade Lakes Festival). Food and fun for the whole family! Really good food, too.

Worst Hospitality

Nike Swim Miami. After I finished my 10K I was looking around for something to eat. Because I was hungry. Because, you know, I had just swum a 10K. I saw a big basket of bananas at the “hospitality” stand, and asked if I could have one.

hospitality lady: "No, those are for the swimmers."
me: "I am a swimmer. I just swam a 10K."
lady: "Well, you have to wait until everyone is finished."
me: "Are you joking?"
lady: "No."

Most Beautiful Venue

Elk Lake (Cascade Lakes Festival).

Worst Logistical Decision

Madison Open-Water Swim - Having 208 wetsuited swimmers start ahead of 91 non-wetsuited swimmers in the 2.4-mile race. Because the fastest swimmers in this race usually don’t wear wetsuits, this means a few people trying to pass a lot of people.

Best Performance (personally)

Probably the 5K at Elk Lake. Among single-race events, a toss-up between Little Red Lighthouse and the Del Valle 1.5 mile.

Worst Performance (personally)

I’ve mentioned Swim the Suck, though there were extenuating circumstances (not to mention the 2+ hours before I bonked). But I’ll have to go with the Chris Greene Lake Cable Swim. Not realizing the “big guns” usually enroll in the first heat for the cooler water, I went in the 2nd heat and found myself dragging the pack for 2 miles. And it showed - a slow 1:21/100m pace.

Overall Favorite Event

Cascade Lakes Festival. But that’s not really fair - they had three days to impress! Among single-day events: Swim the Suck.

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On 2010-10-22 18:29:23, Sully said:
You may exceed the mileage total in 2 races next year!

On 2010-10-22 22:30:12, Rob D. said:
Congrats on a great season Evan. I'm glad we became friends in the midst of crossing paths so often during the summer. I'll see you (and Sully) next year in Vermont, if not sooner!

On 2010-10-23 12:04:58, Evan said:
Thanks Rob. It's been fun getting to know you through all our criss-crossing adventures. Looking forward to seeing you in the next random body of water!

On 2010-10-23 12:12:02, Evan said:
Shudder to think!

On 2010-10-23 12:25:14, RLM said:
Preferably not in the Pacific Ocean. Be careful Rob. RLM

On 2010-10-23 21:19:29, Rob D. said:
this weekend has been a good reminder of what the ocean and its inhabitants are capable of... we'll be as careful as we can be out here