Race Report: Reef and Run

by Evan Morrison. 27 June 2012.

My sleepy little beach town of Santa Barbara has not just one - but two! - weekly summer evening splash n’ dash series. Reef & Run, a more recent addition to the local scene, is Thursdays at East Beach and offers the choice of a 500m, 1000m, or 1-mile swim followed (select weeks only) by a beach run.

Last week I participated in the season-opening Reef & Run, which was free to all comers. From a swimmer’s perspective, it has a lot to recommend it:

East Beach and Cabrillo Bathhouse. Photo by Flickr user Damian Gadal

Neither series distinguish between wetsuits and skins in the results - which is an argument I may never win. In the organizers’ defense, these events are logistically complicated enough without sorting out who’s wearing a wetsuit and who isn’t, week in and week out.

Anyway, it was a glorious evening - about 24 hours before the summer solstice. Air temp in the mid-70s with lots of sun. Water was 63F with incredible visibility - close to 15 feet, which is almost unheard of close to shore in this region.

I finished 4/104 in the 1-mile swim, in 19:52. The 500m and 1000m swims attracted 79 others - a tremendous turnout.

Looking forward to next week!

Mad dash to the first buoy. Photo by James Crosby, courtesy of Presidio Sports

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