MSF panel ratifies five swims, endorses new world distance record

by Evan Morrison. 21 December 2014.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.-An international Documented Swims program. The panel also endorsed Chloё McCardel as the World Record holder for Longest Unassisted Ocean Swim.

All ratified swims were independently observed, exhaustively documented, and conducted according to the highest standards of transparency and integrity.

This year’s review panel consisted of fifteen esteemed marathon swimmers from seven countries:

The panel, chaired by MSF co-founder Evan Morrison, reviewed documentation for nine swims submitted to MSF in 2014. Any panelists who were personally involved in a swim abstained from discussing that swim. After a window for questions and clarifications from the panelists to the swimmers and observers, the panel formally ratified five swims on behalf of MSF:

Two other swims were not approved for ratification: one which lacked an observer log, thus not meeting MSF standards for documentation; and another which was discovered upon inspection to be shorter than 10 kilometers, the minimum distance to be considered a marathon swim and ratified by MSF.

Separately from the swim documentation review, the panel considered Chloё McCardel’s claim of a World Record for Longest Unassisted Ocean Swim. It was proposed that until evidence is produced of a longer documented, unassisted swim, that Ms. McCardel should be acknowledged as the World Record holder.

It was further proposed that any future claims on this record, for which distance is the relevant metric, should demonstrate that the total swim distance was not significantly inflated by surface currents, just as Ms. McCardel’s swim did not benefit from currents. This is similar to how track world records may not benefit from a large tailwind.

Of the twelve panel members who chose to participate, 11 voted to endorse Ms. McCardel as the world record holder. A 12th panelist participated in the discussion but ultimately abstained from voting. With a 92% majority, the Marathon Swimmers Federation hereby recognizes Chloё McCardel’s 124.4-kilometer Bahamas swim as the world record for Longest Unassisted Ocean Swim.

MSF congratulates the Class of 2014 Documented Swims - the swimmers who swam, the observers who documented, and the crews who did everything else.

2014 MSF Swim Review Panel Bios


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